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Payment stealer (Tools +Source Code)

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Keylogging is one of the oldest methods hacker use to steal passwords ,Pyments  and other valuable information. They use monitoring software called keyloggers, which are one of the many types of malicious programs internet users/web surfers can get from infected sites and phishing emails. Once a keylogger is installed, it covertly tracks and logs a person’s keyboard activity and sends it back to the cybercriminal who planted it.


This stealer :

Steal Pyments method and pyments data ( cc number , cvv , expiry date, zipcode , full name , city ,  building address ,… )

Steal all email and  password  saved on browser and send all data for you


you can use just the tools or edit source code for yourself…


Full personalization

Select an icon for the output file to publish the file to usb
Publish files in folders and internal network
UAC bypass
Add to startup
Firewall bypass
Hide after run hide
Console shutdown operation
Delete no ip
Show virtual machine bypass error
Prevent IP blocking Prevent eavesdropping….