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Gas Pump Skimmer Device

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Gas Pump Skimmer is a device that is able to Steal T1/T2 and also Timestamps when data was taken.

There are device versions of this Device. Internal and External.

Internal is recommended for those who are quite familiar with connecting Cables to the right place.

External is recommended for those who are still novice to receiving Card Data.

Put it once inside GAS pump and just receive data, everywhere you want. All data is timestamped, and sent to you over GSM Network using a SIM card.

Reads both – bidirectional swipes (this means skimmer will read cards when they go in and also when they are pulled out. The button to power on and off skimmer is at the backside.

Full user manual with instructions is included with the package.

Package Includes:

  • Gas Pump Skimmer The main skimmer device to steal the credit-card information.
  • Data Software Software to retrieve and convert data from encrypted data to plain-text format *.txt
  • x100 Blank Cards Free 100 Blank Credit Cards
  • User Manual  Manual containing detailed instructions of how to use the device.

Examples of Builds are below!

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